TV Overzicht 2005

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04/01/05 Faraway Voice and Imagine (Wir wollen Helfen)
14/02/05 My Aphrodisiac is You (Edison Music Awards)
18/03/05 The Closest Thing to Crazy (The Two Ronnies Sketchbook) 
02/04/05 The Closest Thing to Crazy (Echo Awards)
15/04/05 Crawling Up a Hill (The Two Ronnies Sketchbook) 
08/05/05 White Cliffs of Dover & Stardust (The 60th Anniversary of VE Day) 
13/05/05 The Closest Thing To Crazy (Nachtmusik) 
07/06/05 The Closest Thing to Crazy & Interview (The Works China) 
20/08/05 Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Mania)
27/08/05 Nine Million Bicycles (Dutch Royal Wedding) 
14/09/05 Nine Million Bicycles (GMTV) 
24/09/05 Nine Million Bicycles (NEW POP 2005 ZDF) 
01/10/05 Blues in the night (Saturday swings) 
02/10/05 Interview (RTL Boulevard) 
05/10/05 Nine Million Bicycles & I Cried for You (Kvinnevold) 
05/10/05 NmB.PbP,TCTTC + Interview (VG) 
07/10/05 TCTTC (Buckingham Palace) 
16/10/05 Piece by Piece (Ca Donne Envie LCI) 
23/10/05 I Cried for You (ToTp) 
27/10/05 Nine Million Bicycles en interview over het tv tv optreden van P.Cristiaan and Anita (TV Show)
28/10/05 SW,NMB,ICFY (Clement Direkte,Denmark) 
31/10/05 Never mind the Buzzcocks,England (TV Perf.)
05/11/05 Just Like Heaven (Strictly Come Dancing) 
18/11/05 On The Road Again (Children in Need) 
20/11/05 Thank You Stars (Gala Melodieen fur Millionen)
21/11/05 NMB & ICFY (Barend and van Dorp) 
23/11/05 The Closest Thing to Crazy, Spider's Web ( Tbilisi Open Air Concert ,Georgie) 
23/11/05 Nine Million Bicycles (Jensen) 
26/11/05 Moonriver (Music Mania Tv) 
02/12/05 I Cried for You (Des and Mel) 
03/12/05 Nine Million Bicycles (Verstehen Sie Spass) 
05/12/05 Interview (Stefan Raab) 
10/12/05 Nine Million Bicycles(The Record of the Year) 
10/12/05 Just Like Heaven (Popworld)
11/12/05 ICFY,NmB and TCTTC (Nobel Peace Prize)
12/12/05 Blowin in The Wind & Nine Million bicycles (Taratata) 
17/12/05 I Cried for You (Parkinson) 
22/12/05 Fairytale of New York, Katie & Pogues (Jonathan Ross TV show) 
24/12/05 Fairytale of New York - Katie & Pogues (cduk)
24/12/05 Nine Million Bicycles (Drs Store Juleshow) 
25/12/05 Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas (The Two Ronnies)
30/12/05 Spider's Web (ofi Sunday)