The Katie Melua Collection (CD Only)


01 The Closest Thing to Crazy
02 Nine Million Bicycles
03 What a Wonderful World (duet)
04 If You Were A Sailboat
05 Piece by Piece
06 Call off the search
07 On the Road Again
08 Mary Pickford (Used To Eat Roses)
09 Spider's Web
10 Thankyou, Stars
11 I Cried for You
12 Crawling up a Hill
13 Tiger in the Night
14 When You Taught Me How To Dance, Katie Melua

Nieuwe nummers
15 Two Bare Feet
16 Toy Collection
17 Somewhere In The Same Hotel

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Rel. Datum: 18/11/08
Land: Canada/USA
Label: Dramatico

Track 5,9,11,16 Katie Melua
Track 1,2,4,6,8,10,13 (Mike Batt)
Track 15,17 Melua/Batt
Track 12 Mayall
Track 7 Jones/Wilson
Track 3 Weiss/Thiele
Track 14 Batt/Westlake/Maltby jr.