Pictures (Vinyl LP)


Kant A
Mary Pickford (Used To Eat Roses) Mike Batt
02 All In My Head Katie & Mike Batt
03 If The Lights Go Out Mike Batt
04 What I Miss About You Melua & McEwan
05 Spellbound Katie Melua
06 What It Says On The Tin Mike Batt

Kant B
Scary Films Mike Batt
02 Perfect Circle Katie Melua/Molly McQueen
03 Ghost Town Mike Batt
04 If You Were A Sailboat Mike Batt
05 Dirty Dice Melua & McEwan
06 In My Secret Leonard Cohen

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Rel. Datum: 9/05/08
Land: Europa
Label: Dramatico
LP (Vinyl Record)
EAN: 0802987009515